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Mansion Suite

Room : based on 4 occupancies (max)

Room Size : 45sq m including a loft, living and sleeping area

Bed : 2 king-size beds on separate levels

Bathroom : 1 shower with bathtub and 1 separate toilet

Tech gadgets : 2 x 43-inch LED TV, international & USB port, charging cable and Bluetooth speaker

Wi-Fi : Complimentary


Mansion Villa

Room : based on 2 occupancies with private entrance max 4 pax, (RM100 per person including breakfast)

Room Size : 40sq m over 2 levels with the main bed upstairs sleeping area plus a private 20sq m courtyard.

Bed : 1 king-size bed

Bathroom : 

  • Shower, toilet & vanity on upper level
  • Shower, toilet & vanity on lower level

Tech gadgets : 43-inch LED TV, international & USB port, charging cable and Bluetooth speaker

Wi-Fi : Complimentary


Mansion Room

Room : based on 2 occupancies max 3 pax (RM100 per person with breakfast & made up spacious daybed)

Room Size : 40sq m include living and sleeping area

Bed : 1 king-sized bed

Bathroom : Separate shower & separate toilet

Tech gadgets : 43-inch LED TV, international & USB port, charging cable and Bluetooth speaker

Wi-Fi : Complimentary


Map View


Jawi Peranakan Mansion (JPM), is the latest addition to George Town Heritage Hotels’ collection, also another creation of Chris Ong which consists of 8 mansion rooms and 6 family suites.

It was acquired in the year 2012 in a dilapidated state. He has artfully restored it to what it once was, a stately and elegant Anglo Indian mansion. It took three years to bring back to life to its original architectural elements of lime plaster walls, wood lattices, plantation shutters, cornices, architraves, Doric columns and, Adam’s wheel window arches which was a little part of JPM’s original design. The building is an eclectic mix of the 18th/19th century British architecture and Muslim design features from the Mughal times accentuated with Indian ethnic motifs.


The 8 mansion rooms are outfitted with king size beds, cozy sitting areas, and daybeds demarcated by Muslim colored glass screens. The bed heads are decorated with embossed Mughal styled tiles. To complete the look, there are the roll top writing desks, Kelim rugs, hand block indigo printed textiles, lanterns, silk, and wool Kashmir throws, and brass Mughal mirrors.

Each of the 6 family mansion suites has a separate loft area with a 4-poster Mughal-inspired hardwood bed. There are separate toilets, showers, and a Victorian-style bathtub.

The textiles in the upholstery and bed linen are handpicked from where the original occupants came from the spice route.


JPM is in Hutton Lane which is 50 meters away from the edge of George Town’s heritage zone. Hutton Lane was once known as the “Malay Millionaires Row” of George Town. It was named after Dr. James Hutton, one of the first doctors in Penang, who arrived in 1805. The term Jawi Peranakan referred to locally born, Malay-speaking Muslims of mixed South Asian and Malay ancestry. They were an elite group within the British Malayan community in mid-19th century Malaya.

We invite you to step back in time and experience the nostalgia of living in a Jawi Peranakan grand home.


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