Malaysia: destinations (secrets) that you can not miss

/Malaysia: destinations (secrets) that you can not miss

Malaysia: destinations (secrets) that you can not miss

PENANG: the foodie destination

Penang is a gateway to art and history. This province of Malaysia, located at the northern entrance of the Strait of Malacca, is an enclave of Malaysian, Chinese and Tamil communities, also of Armenians, Siamese, Burmese and Eurasian. It is an oil painting of marked brushstrokes where you can taste the most praised gastronomy of the country and in the days that we visited it, a place full of red lanterns that celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Like the country to which it belongs, Penang offers the pleasure of sharing various cultures and hosts temples of various religions. In its capital George Town, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2008, the streets are a row of colonnades and two-storey houses, with colossal bamboo blinds. The city is populated with human stories, markets, and countless food stalls. It is the paradise of Malaysian cuisine with excellent restaurants, and where the luxury of open-air eating, street food, is practiced with absolute devotion.

There you can find the shop of Mr. Lee (1, Lorong Muda) who, at 91, can be the last manufacturer of natural incense in the city, and discover the architecture, the magnificent mansions of the past, restored and full of antiques, decorated with a universe of pots and details, such as Jawi Peranakan Mansion (153, Jalan Hutton) and the Muntri Mews Hotel (77 Lebuh Muntri). The stay in these hotels leaves a trail of colored glass, porcelain, wooden latticework, carved mirrors, interior fountains and indigo fabrics.

In Penang you also have to live street art (known here as Street Art), which offers murals and spectacular paintings in the middle of the street (there are even maps to discover it); Another good plan is to go up to Penang Hill, which was where it was summering during the British colonial era and has several buildings of the early nineteenth century and privileged views. You can not miss the George Town festival (if you go in August), a walk through the interior of the island, visits to the fishing villages and, above all, watch the sunset from the glass platform The Top (1, Jalan Penang ). You will be 249 meters closer to heaven.

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