8 Best Nyonya Restaurants in Penang (2024)

/8 Best Nyonya Restaurants in Penang (2024)

8 Best Nyonya Restaurants in Penang (2024)

8 Best Nyonya Restaurants in Penang (2024)

Step back in time to an era when the Baba-Nyonya, also known as Peranakan Chinese, were among the earlier Chinese immigrants in Malaysia.

They embraced local customs, creating a special community. This community thrives in Penang and Malacca, where differences exist among the Peranakans. For instance, Penang Peranakan primarily speak Hokkien with some Malay words.

Living in Malaysia, they fully embraced the local way of life, mastering cooking with fresh and dry local ingredients, especially the essential spice mix. This culinary exploration led to innovation, resulting in a variety of unique Peranakan dishes with special flavours.

Imagine this: Dishes with the same names but each tasting different! Different regions and families use unique ingredients and cooking methods, creating delightful variations.

Here’s your golden ticket to savouring the unique taste of generations-old Peranakan recipes in Penang!

Kebaya Dining Room

Kebaya Dining Room is famous for its exquisite Peranakan fine dining experience. Kebaya restaurant at the Seven Terraces Hotel gives out the ambience and decoration with a colonial yet warm atmosphere, while the entire building radiates rich historical significance.

The culinary journey here stems from chefs and the wisdom passed down through generations of Nyonya aunties, who have shared their cooking secrets over time.


Source: Facebook

But here’s the twist: their menu isn’t just traditional. With the secret recipes shared with the chefs, they innovated these dishes that blend traditional flavours with Vietnamese hints, Thai spices, and classic French cooking!

It’s a delightful fusion of heritage and modernity, honouring tradition while adding a Western touch. These special dishes offer a flavour profile found nowhere else!


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Begin your food exploration with the light and crispy Pai Tee, Joo Hoo Char Roll, Otak-Otak, and Satay—a delightful start!


Source: Michelin Guide

Delve into Kebaya’s renowned dishes like Sambal Goreng, Sticky Plum Duck Legs, and Kerabu Green Mango.

Each dish tantalizes with a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, spicy, and savoury flavours, highlighted by the use of fresh ingredients.


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Discover their famed Michelin-listed dishes. Meat lovers will relish the bold and delightful contrast of the Kebaya Beef Tamarind—tender beef complemented by a tangy sauce.

The Prawn Geng Curry, a favourite among many, boasts a smooth blend of turmeric and lemongrass, creating a vibrant and aromatic curry unlike any other.


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The Grilled Chicken Kapitan combines chilli, garlic, shallots, and candlenuts paste for an exceptional taste.


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Additionally, another fiery delight for seafood lovers is the Seabass, grilled to perfection and topped with sambal chilli paste.

At Kebaya, their dessert creations are a highlight, showcasing a fusion of French and Asian flavours in the delightful Pandan Crème Brulee.


Source: Food For Thought

They also offer a unique take on the traditional Tang Yuen. While the traditional version includes sweet fillings in hot sweet or ginger broth or sesame paste, Kebaya’s twist involves homemade ‘onde-onde‘ rice balls served in coconut broth.


Source: Food For Thought

Vegetarians have options too, with dishes tailored to their preferences. Do visit to explore their menu of other classic Indo and Straits Chinese Nyonya dishes and course sets to experience authentic flavours merging traditional recipes with fresh ideas!

Location: 14A, Stewart Lane, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 70 to RM 164
Phone Number: +604-264 2333 / +6011-14033310

Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery

Walking into Auntie Gaik Lean’s Restaurant, where authentic Nyonya cuisine has been a local gem for over a decade, wrapped in a nostalgic ’60s charm.

With a culinary legacy passed down from her mother, Auntie Gaik Lean pours her heart into preserving ancestral flavours, infusing each dish with the timeless essence of Nyonya heritage. Taste the authenticity that transcends generations in every flavourful bite!


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Prepare your taste buds for a vibrant journey through Nyonya cuisine at Auntie Gaik Lean’s! Their menu is a treasure trove of signature dishes, each embodying the essence of Nyonya flavours.

Imagine the tangy Assam Prawns, the zesty sizzle of hot and sour Fish Curry Tumis, and the comforting richness of Chicken Curry Kapitan infused with coconut milk.


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Indulge in the flavourful Beef Rendang, the spiciness of Brinjal Belachan Sambal, and the refreshing Kerabu Kacang Botol salad.


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Don’t miss the Nasi Ulam, a delightful mix of fragrant jasmine rice and fresh herbs such as kaffir lime leaves, laksa leaves, and lemongrass.


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Her mastery lies in creating dishes entirely from scratch, including the heavenly Pie Tee and Gulai Tumis which uses over eight ingredients in the curry paste.


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Do take note of Auntie Gaik Lean’s Nyonya Chicken Rendang, it steals the spotlight as one of their top-selling and beloved dishes!

Make sure to try out her signature desserts including Pulut Hitam with fresh santan and ubi kayu with gula Melaka.

Her restaurant was among the first to receive a prestigious MICHELIN Star in Penang. They do offer vegetarian meals and require an RM 100 deposit for a reservation at the restaurant.

Location: 1, Bishop Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 50 to RM 200
Phone Number: +604-263 8121

Ivy Nyonya’s House

Ivy’s Nyonya House is a delightful gem crafted by a dedicated couple over 15 years.

Step inside and feel the warmth of a cosy, home-like atmosphere that instantly embraces every guest.

Their menu? A treasure trove of authentic Nyonya delights, each dish echoing homemade flavours and served generously.


Source: Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine

The owner, Ivy, upholds traditional recipes and techniques, ensuring each dish embodies the true essence of Peranakan flavours.

This unwavering dedication sets Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine apart from places that play fast and loose with these cherished recipes.

The Michelin review raves about their must-try sharing set menus, showcasing top-notch Peranakan dishes.


Source: Penang Foodie

The Kapitan chicken curry is a flawless harmony of flavours with tender meat. And don’t miss the Joo Hoo Char—stir-fried mixed veggies in chilli paste.

Their lineup of must-haves includes achar, marinated minced prawns, and the divine fish maw soup. The desserts available promise a refreshing finale to your feast!

Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine is a vibrant culinary sanctuary that reveres and celebrates the rich heritage of Peranakan cuisine. Ivy’s passion and dedication shine through in every dish, making it one of the best Peranakan dining destinations in Penang.

Location: 58, Chow Thye Road, 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 8 to RM 70
Phone Number: +6013-433 7878/ +6016-433 7130

Jason’s Nyonya House

Jason Nyonya Cuisine is a culinary haven that celebrates the rich and vibrant flavours alongside the age-old traditions of Nyonya Cuisine.

Under Jason’s guidance, this culinary gem has become a beloved spot for locals and tourists, recognized as one of Penang’s top dining destinations.

Upon stepping inside, you will immediately be embraced by a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for delightful dining.


Source: Facebook

The menu’s standout feature is the excellent pairing of dishes with blue pea rice, which has become a speciality and a favourite among many.


Source: Facebook

The aromatic Cincaluk Stir Fry Chicken is a definite must-try, boasting incredible flavours infused with fermented shrimp, onions, and bell peppers.


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And, make sure not to overlook the Tau Yu Bak and Tu Ka Chor; they are exceptional dishes well worth experiencing!


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Their Ayam Buah Keluak impresses with its robust, nutty flavour derived from the buah keluak. The spicy tamarind gravy contributes a satisfying kick and richness, complemented by subtle textures from the spices.

This delightful blend of spiciness and appetizing flavours pairs perfectly with the blue pea rice.

Jason’s Nyonya Cuisine boasts a menu that’s a real treat for all taste buds. Whether you are into appetizers that kick-start your meal or crave hearty mains and irresistible desserts, there is a delight waiting for every palate.

Location: 10B, King Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 5 to RM 100
Phone Number: +6018-356 0515

Bibik’s Kitchen Nyonya

Nestled among colonial shophouses, Bibiik’s Nyonya Restaurant is a gem known for its Nyonya’s heirloom recipes, featuring a subtle spice blend that sets it apart from others.

Their nostalgic Peranakan setting is adorned with ornate tiles, intricate embroidery, and vintage furniture. The soft glow of lights and soothing melodies set the perfect stage for your culinary journey through authentic Peranakan flavours!


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This spot radiates a welcoming charm, serving up delicious Nyonya dishes like Assam Laksa Kerabu, Prawn Sambal Petai, Ayam Pong Teh, Tau Ewe Bak, and Ulam Kacang Botol. The best thing about here is that you can pick from three portion sizes to satisfy any appetite!


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Their Michelin-listed stars include the Jiu Hu Char (stir-fried jicama with mushroom, pork belly, and cuttlefish) and Loh Bak. Don’t miss their exclusive Lemak Laksa, available only on weekends!


Source: Instagram

To complete your meal or enjoy a delightful tea time, indulge in their array of delicate kuih muih, and don’t miss their special Sago Gula Melaka!


Source: Instagram

Do take note, they are also one of the vegetarian-friendly restaurants! Bibik’s Nyonya Cuisine is renowned for its exceptional cooking and top-notch service.

Location: 73, Sri Bahari Road, 10050 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 15 to RM 100
Phone Number: +6012-669 7488

Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay

Let’s step away from heavy meals and explore the oldest Nyonya food establishment in Penang, founded by Mr. Moh Teng Pheow in 1933. Moh Khoy is also recognized in the Michelin Guide for its Nyonya delights and unique ambience.

The place preserves its authentic pre-war shop house charm, providing a window into the past for those interested in history.


Source: Facebook

Specializing in crafting 20 types of authentic Nyonya kuih, they are known for using fresh ingredients and perfecting the traditional flavours.

Some highlights include kuih bingka purple, kuih bingka topica, kuih talam, Ang Koo-Red, Kuih Koci, Huat Kuih, and more.


Source: Facebook

They also offer classic dishes like Nasi Ulam with herbs and salted fish, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kunyit paired with Nyonya-style chicken curry to fulfil your cravings.


Source: Facebook

Don’t miss out on their new creation, Penang’s favourite Crispy Heh Chee, served with a special homemade dipping sauce.

Location: Chulia Street Entrance on Masjid Road, Off Chulia Street, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 5 to RM 20
Phone Number: +604-261 5832

Nyonya Willow Restaurant

Hard to beat the homely vibe at Nyonya Willow; it is simple yet inviting, making it the perfect spot for an exciting meal and gatherings alike.


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The restaurant offers an array of comforting dishes, ranging from soupy delights to well-seasoned seafood, chicken, and pork classics.

The famous egg dishes, Hong Bak, Babi Pongteh, and Dry Curry Kapitan Chicken, known for their rich coconut milk aroma and zesty lime flavours, are among Nyonya Willow’s highlights.


Source: Facebook

The Gulai Tumis Stingray with the taste of umami and Asam Belai Siakap offers authentic and spicy flavours, delivering a comforting and homely dining experience.


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The menu might look simple, but it’s definitely satisfying enough to curb your cravings.

You can’t miss out the signature Willow’s Assam Laksa at Nyonya Willow. It is a beloved favourite among Penang locals and visitors alike!

Location: 72-1-3, Arena Curve, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Sunway Tunas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 15 to RM 70
Phone Number: +6012-773 7573

Richard Rivalee Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant

Richard Rivalee has made it to the Michelin listings, and there is a good reason for that.

The ambience, food, and service here are top-notch. What is unique about this place is that the owner, a fashion designer, has an immense passion for Nyonya cuisine, which translating into a delightful array of signature dishes.


Source: Hungry Onion

His seemingly simple home-cooked meals are marvellously seasoned and bursting with flavour.

Don’t miss their classics like crispy Lemongrass Chicken, the tangy Asam Pedas Stew Fish, the aromatic Kurma Mutton, the savoury Fried Kangkung With Belachan, and Nyonya Curry Fish Head.


Source: Facebook

These dishes are perfectly complemented by rice options such as Turmeric Rice, Butterfly Blue Pea Rice, and the fragrant Nasi Ulam.


Source: The Smart Local Malaysia

And if you have a sweet tooth, their Bubur Cha Cha, boasting a perfect sweetness and rich coconut milk, is an absolute must-try.


Source: Facebook

You may fall in love with the ambience that is, adorned with wooden doors, and antique decor, all within a romantically dimly lit setting. It is advisable to make a reservation before visiting.

Location: 62 & 64, Macalister Lane, 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Price Range: RM 15 to RM 80
Phone Number: +6012-421 2511


Each Nyonya restaurant boasts its own unique recipes and flavours, setting them apart from one another.

The restaurants listed here are absolute must-visits, especially Kebaya Dining Room. So, when you are in Penang, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Penang’s rich Nyonya culinary heritage.

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